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Our diverse territory from hills, valley, to forest, the Regional Natural Park of Morvan will captivate you with its exceptional natural environments, classified major sites, and gastronomy.

Sensations are guaranteed along its numerous “wild” rivers and large lakes. Come and recharge at Moulin des Templiers, located in the heart of a beautiful valley, classified as Natura 2000, where the Cousin, a first-category river, flows.

Keep calm and let yourself be surrounded by the scents and colours.

Burgundy. Road in the vineyards leading to the village of Vosne-Romanée. France

Wine Route

Escape on the Tourist Route of the Yonne Vineyards…
This enchanting itinerary takes you to the heart of the wine regions of Chablis, Vézelay, and Grand Auxerrois, offering pure oenotourism.
Along the way, stop by the winemakers to taste their wines!

You will also discover charming medieval villages and landscapes that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.



Do we really need to introduce it to you?
This well-known village of Burgundy has seen many famous people pass through, making it known without even intending to! But the one that stands out, and dominates the Burgundy territory from its hilltop, is simply the basilica!

This imposing religious building, saved from ruin by Viollet-le-Duc and a jewel of Romanesque art, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for 40 years. Thousands of people pilgrim to discover or rediscover this edifice built on the path to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

The setting for the cult film “La Grande Vadrouille” with Louis de Funès and Bourvil, this village, surrounded by vineyards, will impress you with its eclecticism: art, literature, gastronomy, religion, nature… the soul of Vézelay is simply authentic and inspiring.

Cultural and Natural Heritage

Places of history and memory for centuries,
Burgundian villages host an extraordinary, preserved, and cherished heritage!

Abbeys, prehistoric caves, archaeological sites, and many others open their doors to continue to bring to life or revive this key heritage of our history!

Our Favorites

. Vezelay: Saint Marie Madeleine Abbey UNESCO, Maison des Visiteurs, Zervos Museum, Jules Roy House
. Arcy sur cure : Prehistoric Caves
. Avallon : St. Lazare Church, Clock Tower, Avallonais Museum, Costume Museum
. Bazoches-du-Morvan : Bazoches Castle
. Saint léger Vauban : Sainte Marie de la Pierre qui Vire Abbey, Vauban Museum
. Saint père sous Vézelay: Fontaines Salees Archaeological Site, Notre Dame Church
. Montréal : Collegiate Church of Montreal
. Noyers sur Serein : Museum of Nave and Folk Arts, Old Castle Site of Noyers
. Chablis : Chablis Obediencerie, Vine and Wine Museum
. Chastellux sur Cure : Chastellux Castle
. Auxerre : St. Germain Abbey, Saint Etienne Cathedral, Art and History Museum
. Fontenay : AFontenay Cistercian Abbey UNESCO
. Flavigny sur Ozerain : Anise Factory, Saint-Pierre Abbey, Church
. Bussy Rabutin Castle
. Alise Sainte reine : Museoparc Alesia
Ancy-le-Franc Castle
. Quarré les Tombes : Merovingian Sarcophage
. Pontigny : Abbey Church
. Saint bris le Vineux: Bailly Lapierre Winery
. Saint Brisson : House of the Park Morvan Ecomuseum Network, House of Men and Landscape, Resistance Ecomuseum in Morvan
. Saint Léger Sous Beuvray : Bibracte Archaeological Site
. Saint Fargeau : Saint Fargeau Castle, its show, its farm
. Saint sauveur en Puisaye: Colette Museum
. Semur en Auxois : Medieval Town and Notre Dame Collegiate Church
. Tanlay: Cistercian Abbey, Castle
. Tonnerre: Hotel Dieu, Fosse Dionne

10 Most Beautiful Spots to Relax and Picnic!

. Angely : at the Marzy hamlet on the banks of the Serein
. Asquins : on the “Pâtis” area by the Cure, right next to the campsite
. Avallon : in the Cousin Valley, with a large children’s play area
. Châtel-Censoir : at the nautical stop at the port and along the Canal du Nivernais, near the campsite
. Chastellux-sur-Cure : by the Crescent Lake with children’s games (near the dam)
. Noyers-sur-Serein : a wooded area on the “Pré de l’Échelle” promenade, along the Serein, with children’s games, or at the leisure area with games, along the Serein, at the exit of Noyers (direction Montbard: after the Police station, take a path to the right leading to the river)
. Pierre-Perthuis : by the Cure, at the “two bridges” location
. Quarré-les-Tombes : at the municipal park with games, or at the Griottier Blanc pond
. Sainte-Colombe : at the water plan area, at the “ruisseau de la goutte” location
. Vézelay : on the spacious area, on the terrace behind the basilica, or in the gardens of the abbey next to the terrace!

A group of men and women are rafting on the river, extreme and fun sport

Family Activities

Are you looking for a hiking paradise? You’ve come to the right place!
Come and discover the magnificent landscapes of Morvan, Avallonnais, Vézelien, and Serein, and engage in sports and playful activities for everyone!

We offer various walks to be enjoyed on foot, by bike, or on horseback, ranging from short to long but always a bliss for the eyes!
From canoeing on the Cure, tree climbing adventures, rock climbing routes, to fishing…

Explore all our outdoor activities!

Sports Activities

. Grottes de Champ Retard Via Ferrata in the Caves at Coutarnoux
. Golf Pré Lamy (9 holes)
. Horseback Riding: Les Écuries de la Croix des Bois in Montillot
. AB Loisirs in St Père: Adventure Park, Archery, Paintball, Rafting, Canoeing, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Mountain Biking

Peace Haven for the Otter

As you wake up in the morning at Moulin des Templiers, you can embark on a Jacques Prévert-inspired inventory including foxes, herons, rabbits, squirrels, blue tits, tawny owls, kingfishers, butterflies, dragonflies…
And for the past 10 years, the return of the otter…

Our Commitment

We contribute to the conservation of this species by creating a “haven of peace” in close contact with the Morvan Natural Park.
By signing an agreement, we commit to adopting practices favorable to the presence of the European otter and not to harm it or its habitats for feeding, reproduction, and rest.
In return, the SHNA provides advice and recommendations.

Bend, Oregon, USA - October 3, 2022:  This hatchery was completed in 1929 and introduces trout into the Fall River.  Fly fishing welcome.

Fly Fishing

You can practice “Fly Fishing” in NO Kill for Fario trout and relax by the water.
Thanks to the association “La Défense du Trinquelin/Cousin” and in the context of ecological continuity, volunteers ensure the quality of water and regular maintenance of rivers and streams so that water flow. Allowing ancestral heritage species of the Morvan to move freely to reach their breeding areas.

A paradise for fly fishing, with our partner l’Ephémère de Bourgogne we offer to accompany you on the various granitic rivers of the Morvan (Cousin, Cure, Trinquelin, Yonne) and limestone rivers of this beautiful region (Seine, L’Ignon, Coquille), to fly fish for predator and trophy fish in private ponds, and to take fly fishing lessons through the ” GPS » association (half-day) on the Griottier reservoir.

Order your fishing card on Avallon-Morvan (weekly €32 – daily €11).

Fishing store in Avallon (3km away), to equip yourself, “Au fil de l’eau.

If you’re more into fishing but your partner prefers the spa, no problem, we have both!

Among the Most Beautiful Sites in France

Noyers sur Serein

Most Beautiful Villages in France

Nestled in the Serein River, Noyers offers a strong identity as a medieval and wine-producing town. The squares of Petite-Etape-aux-Vins, Marché-au-Blé, or Grenier-à-Sel, along with the beautiful half-timbered facades of 15th-century houses, evoke the prosperous era of the village’s agricultural and commercial activity.


Most Beautiful Villages in France
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Facing the Morvan Mountains, at the summit of the hill, the Basilica of Sainte-Madeleine majestically watches over the vineyard houses and Renaissance residences. This masterpiece of Romanesque art, restored in the 19th century by Viollet-le-Duc, makes Vézelay a major pilgrimage site and a starting point for the Way of St. Jacques de Compostelle.

Flavigny sur Ozerain/ Burgundy/ France - 05.10.2019: Flavigny sur Ozerain. Little town in Burgundy, France. On the front line is candy truck "Les Anis de Flavigny" which carries that makes in Flavigny

Flavigny sur Ozerain

Most Beautiful Villages in France

Built around a Benedictine abbey founded in the 8th century, this Burgundian town tells its medieval story through its ramparts, fortified gates, cobblestone streets, houses, and hotels… but also through its anise-flavored candy, still manufactured in the former abbey, and whose scent welcomes you upon arrival.

Abbaye de Fontenay

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located in northern Burgundy, the Abbey of Fontenay was founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the greatest French saints, and is the oldest preserved Cistercian abbey in the world. Classified as a French historical monument in 1862, it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.


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