Environmental approach

Le Moulin des Templiers is committed to an eco-friendly approach to reduce the carbon footprint of your hotel night.

For 11 years now, we have been doing everything we can to preserve this environment that makes us so good…

We have been labeled “Valeurs Parc naturel régional” as well as listed on “Vaovert” platform which includes the ecological accommodations of France.


All our development decisions are made in this direction, here is the list of our ecological approaches already in place:


1/Energy and resource saving approaches:

  • Extinguishment of the hotel lights at 23:00 so as not to disturb the wildlife
  • Installation of solar panels with 1800L storage for domestic hot water (rooms + wellness area)
  • Heat pump limiting the use of fossil fuels
  • Autonomous sewage treatment plant
  • Return of the river to its natural bed as part of the ecological continuity, in partnership with the Parc du Morvan
  • Reduction of packaging to limit the amount of waste (liquid soap, wholesale packaging cleaning products, …)
  • Installation of Low Power LED Bulb depending on the renovation progress
  • Replacement of hip baths to showers in order to limit water consumption.
  • Customer signage in the room (towel washing on request)
  • Organic cotton towels
  • Staff training in daily eco-gestures
  • Participates in the forest group “chat sauvage” against deforestation in Morvan forest
  • Ecological wooden building for the wellness area


2 / Our waste control procedures:

  •     Elimination of individual packaging to limit waste (soap in refillable dispenser, cleaning product in bulk packaging)
  •     Sorting bin throughout the plant
  •     Bamboo straws at the bar
  •     Composting green waste and compostable paper
  •     Napkins and napkins, of cloth
  •     Store receiving zero waste: (bamboo straws, bag bulk fabric, soap, shampoo, solid toothpaste, compostable toothbrush, etc.)


3/Steps for our health:

  •     Ecolabelled cleaning products (excluding covid19)
  •     Organic soap/shampoo dispensers
  •     Production and sale of our biodynamic wine
  •  Short circuit for the restaurant, the shop, the bar, favouring local and organic producers


4/Our projects:

  •     Integrate the first “Green Key” environmental label
  •     Install water collectors for watering
  •     Signage of a wild garden with installation of hives
  •     Vegetal roof over the space building well being
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