Activities in the hotel

  Our hotel invites you to disconnect, or rather reconnect. The story to tell at the Moulin des Templiers goes in this direction as it does to the rhythms of the seasons. We invite you to let go and come back to your true nature.

In the regional park of Morvan, in the hollow of the valley of the cousin, nature is present in every corner. And we cherish it with all our hearts as we do with you.

Imagine yourself by the river… Listen… the chirping birds sing. Feel… the wind caressing your face. Breathe… you are exactly where you need to be.

This family history continues to be written year after year. Let yourself be inspired by our art of living.


Reiki healing

Reiki is a Japanese alternative medicine practice, which essentially use the energy healing of the hands. Reiki channels the universal energy of life. It is a practice of harmony and well-being. The history of reiki began almost a hundred years ago in Japan thanks to Mikao Usui Sensei. There are millions of practitioners around the world today.



“I learned from the Usui lineage. Reiki practice is a tool for personal development, it is an integral part of my life. This is why I put myself at the service of others, to support them in their well-being and their development. And I chose to be independent, but I continue to train, study, receive and share. ‘

Approximate time 1h00

Price 70 € by reservation 48 hours in advance (subject to availability)







Intuitive massage: I invite you to try the unique experience of tailor-made massage: adapted to your physical, psychological and emotional needs. I detect all imbalances over the course of the massage. I accompany you in a relaxation which is specific to you, which corresponds to you. Everyone has their own sensitivity, their own experience and feelings. Resulting from the combination of Swedish, Californian, accumulator, reflexology, magnetism and Ayurvedic massages, the intuitive massage is the point of balance between these techniques, accompanied by essential oils if necessary. In this approach, each massage is unique. I use sweet almond oil.


Foot reflexology, psycho-emotional: This is an energetic-type approach that uses specific and precise touch, in relation to the reflex zones of the entire physical body. My particularity lies in the psycho-emotional reading of the feet; during the consultation, I talk to you about your emotions and your thoughts which can represent a blockage in your energy structure. I therefore act on three levels: physical, emotional and mental, which represents true liberation and certain harmonization, guaranteeing a step towards Healing and full health.


Approximate duration 1h00

Price 90 € on reservation (subject to availability)

Wellness area is offered for the guest who reserved in direct
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